Do you have a great idea for an event in your community to get the conversation started about twice-exceptionality?   Would you like to host a workshop or get connected to experts in your area?

As the film continues to build awareness and to open discussion about topics important to 2e learners, many people have expressed excitement about developing companion pieces and connecting their groups to the growing 2e community.  I welcome proposals for supplemental materials and look forward to building a network of professionals who will spread awareness and expertise about twice exceptionality.

To ensure alignment with Bridges Academy’s philosophy and to promote consistency in resources and workshops, as well as to avoid duplication of efforts, I have asked the 2e Center at Bridges to review suggested companion materials such as workshops, modules, pamphlets, booklets, etc. The Center will keep a list of resources available.

To get started, email the following information:

Contact Name:

  1. Project purpose
  2. Intended audience
  3. Format (workshop, module, pamphlet, booklet, etc.)
  4. Objectives
  5. Background experience with 2e
  6. Additional resources

Send your proposal to: 2ecenter@bridges.edu with subject line “2e Companion Proposals.” We will send comments within a week. Thanks!